PROLITE T1932MSC-B5AG 19″ Dokunmatik Monitor

•19″ ayarlanabilir ergonomik standlı monitör (bezelsiz ön)
•10P Kapasitif dokunmatik (PCAP)
•IPS Panel
•Anti Glare kaplama
•1280×1024 çözünürlük
•215nits (with touch)
•VGA, DisplayPort, HDMI
•Çift entegrasyonlu hoparlörler
•Dahili güç adaptörü


19’’ 10pt touch monitor featuring IPS panel and AG coating

The ProLite T1932MSC-B5AG 19″ multi touch screen is based on projective capacitive technology which thanks to a glass overlay covering the screen guarantees high durability, scratch-resistance and perfect picture performance. The IPS matrix guarantees high performance with accurate and consistent colour reproduction, and wide viewing angles. Anti Glare coating helps to avoid issues with reflections and external light sources affecting colour reproduction, contrast and sharpness. Its touch function remains unaffected even if the glass is scratched. A solid and steady base supports the touch screen with an adjustable stand offering full 90 degree positioning angles. In addition, the edge-to-edge glass design creates an eye-catching finish with high light transmission guaranteeing perfect picture clarity and brilliant colours.

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