Meeting Room Reservation and Management System Software

You can operate your conferences by using the information screens which designed for hotels, corporate companies and establishments which keeps more than one assembly meeting rooms.

The system that integrated on MS Outlook reads the conference requesters informations which entered the Ms Outlook and displays real-time on the screens in meeting rooms.
The system is as simply as home conference request application.

Thanks to this system, you can plan daily, weekly and monthly conferences on the LCD screens where on the conferance hall doors or near the meeting rooms.

Application Features

  • Easier entry and process for new meeting program
  • Manages on Outlook and Ms Exchange Server
  • It provides possibility to add contents lik weather, date and financial information.
  • Instantly delivers the salon name, beginning-ending of conferance, company name, company logo, conferance topic and conferances on feature
  • It provides possibility to display video, picture, rss, flash in the remaining time from conferance
  • Themes on screen design specially to companies
  • By compliance of a preliminary analysis it can be integrated to ERP program


Works on LG WebOs, Android, Windows, Raspberry Pi, Samsung and Windows devices. It takes up very little space and does not consume system resources.